Taking Back My Lunch Hour with Flywheel Sports & Snap Kitchen

flywheel2MY THIGHS have never pumped so hard in my entire life. My burning throat feels like it’s about to spontaneously combust and my body is working so hard I may or may not have accidentally started crying.

It’s 12:45pm on a Thursday afternoon and I’m perched on a stationary bike, breathing like I’ve just come up for air and looking like someone has sprayed me with a fireman’s hose. Thankfully, it’s dark in this spin gym so no one can tell how drenched I am. Unthankfully, it’s all sweat.

On any other Thursday afternoon at 12:45pm, I am just about to sit down in the work lounge to start eating lunch. Like many young professionals, I am allotted 30 minutes to eat – an amount of time that, while not ideal, is definitely doable.

Snap Kitchen wants to change that.


They know that while most employees will eat at their desks, 1 in 5 professionals decide to eat elsewhere and end up wasting half or more of those precious 30 minutes deciding what to eat for lunch and waiting in long lines.

Due to a generous offer from and brilliant pairing between Center City’s Flywheel Sports and Snap Kitchen, I had the opportunity to participate in ‘Take Back Your Lunch Hour,’ an event that combined a great workout with delicious, healthy and convenient lunch options – including some new salads to try!

Juliet Burgh; photo credit: Flywheel Sports

Juliet Burgh, who taught our class from the Flywheel Sports team was merciless. She made us work for our lunch by pumping up the torque and riding to the rhythm of the beat. She was inspiring and motivating – I’ve only  gone to Flywheel Sports twice but I highly recommend riding with Juliet. Mark these words: she will make you work hard. But that’s what you want in a great fitness coach, eh? 😉

After our workout, Snap Kitchen had various new salads and protein options to try. I opted for the Chopped Sesame Salad with shrimp as an added protein. The sesame option was lemony, miso-y with Napa cabbage, red bell peppers, kale, carrots and a variety of textures.

Photo credit: Snap Kitchen

The experience of having a workout in the middle of the workday and supplementing that  workout with a healthy, nutritious meal made me dearly wish that this was something I could implement during every workday. Studies have shown, after all, that lots of illnesses could be easily prevented by allowing employees to incorporate (mandatory?) fitness into their daily routines and that after they return to work after exercising they report an average performance boost of 15 percent. So hey, you do the math.

All in all, the workout was great, the food was delicious and I returned to work a little more tired but happily satisfied with my hard work and refreshed to dig right back in to the task at hand. Thanks again, Flywheel Sports and Snap Kitchen!

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