The Philly 10k Pop-Up Runs: Federal Donuts

“Run the neighborhoods that we call home…”federaldonuts

The countdown continues: 6 weeks officially mark the amount of time between now and
the city’s funnest* run of the year, The Philly 10k!

To celebrate the ever-approaching 6.2 mile race, our friends in charge of The Philly 10k planned another groovy pop-up run, the second in a series of four designed to help train runners for the race on August 28.

svaphilarunnerThe second pop-up training run was held yesterday, Monday, July 18 beginning at Philadelphia Runner and ending at everyone’s favorite doughnut destination shop, Federal Donuts.

Three mile run starting at Philadelphia Runner with New Balance and Be Well Philly ending with free donuts? Um, yes please.

An added perk of yesterday’s pop-up training run was that with New Balance in attendance, runners had the option of test driving a pair of NB shoes during the run. I’m typically a Saucony girl and haven’t ventured far from my shoe brand of choice but what better way to try out a different type of shoe?


On my feet, the New Balance shoes were narrower and provided more sole support – something I wasn’t used to but ended up liking quite a bit.

Once we arrived at the destination after 3 miles in the sweltering heat, we were rewarded with free donuts from Federal Donuts! Not too bad, eh?


Stay tuned for The Philly 10k‘s next pop-up run! All group runs begin at 6:00pm at Philadelphia Runner at 16th and Sansom Streets and welcome runners of all abilities and paces.

See you there!

* Believe it or not, “funnest” is a word according to noun – something that provides mirth or amusement

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