Coach Phil Clark’s 7:30-Mile Interval Training Plan

For 3 – 5 weeks do the following three workouts: 

Interval Training

10 x 400 meter runs in 1 minute 52 seconds. Rest for 3 min 45 seconds (don’t stop, just walk) between each.

5 x 800 meter runs in 3 min 45 seconds. Rest for 7 min 30 seconds (walk).

Lauren and me (in glasses)

3 x 1200 meter runs in 5 min 30 seconds. Rest for 11 min (walk).

These are three individual work outs to be broken up into three different days.

On other days, run your miles and go easy. If you want to incorporate runs into the interval training, run a mile before, do the interval training, then run another two.

Once your work & rest ratio are equal (meaning you’ve gotten to the point where the amount of time it takes you to run the 400 meters, 800 meters, etc. equals the amount of time you recover before starting the next one), move on to mile repeats.

Mile Repeats

Run a mile in your goal-time (7:30), rest between 2 – 7:30 mins, then do it again 6 – 8 times. Do not rest longer than the amount of time it took you to run the mile.

After week 5, seriously consider taking one full week off to recover. Then go right back into interval training & mile repeats.

When to start the Mile Repeats?

Phil advised me to begin the mile repeats during week 5 and replace them with the 1200m workout.

What do I do after coming back from the week-long break?

Your body will feel uncoordinated, Phil warned me. I asked Phil how to incorporate my 5 –  6 weekly mile runs along with my weekly 10+ LSD run (long slow distance).

He said, “When you return after the break, you should do the 5-6 mile runs, do the 10+ mile long run, and do about 50% of the interval assignments (e.g., 5 x 400 meters instead of 10; 2 x 800 meters instead of 5 and 1 x 1 mile in goal time).”

 Phil specified that it was important to run reduced-volume during the first week of your return from the break; from the second week onwards, then resume the normal volume on week 3.

If you’re interested in getting an interval training plan personalized to your running goals, contact Coach Phil Clark here or go to Phil’s gym’s website, The Training Station.


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