Sam’s Best List – YA Fiction

Some YA comin’ your way!

OKAY, MAYBE IT’S true. Maybe I have a slight Young Adult novel addiction. But there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little angsty fiction from time to time.

My love of YA novels is comparable to those who love The Goonies – it’s cultish and there’s an unlimited amount of adventure, friendship and it’s usually ripe with a journey of self-discovery.

book quilt
I have no explanation for why I don’t own this. Somebody get me my wallet.

Seriously, by definition, Ynovels are basically mini versions of the literature genre, Bildungsroman. (Bill-dungs-roman, exactly as it’s spelled.) This genre refers to the ‘coming-of-age-story,’ a story that typically follows the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist. At the end of the novel, the change of the character is significant.

Below is a list of Yfiction anyone regardless of age will enjoy. These books listed are smart, humorous and work on several levels of consciousness. Enjoy these teasers that will hopefully entice you to pick up one or more of these fantastical novels.


Well, first you have to be very, very funny. I have realized that it is essential for a boy to be funny. Otherwise, what is the point in a boy?


It is helpful to know the proper way to behave, so one can decide whether or not to be proper.


If he had stayed, he would have starved in other ways.


Mr. Beaconsfield is the Year Eleven drama teacher. He’s one of those teachers who likes being ‘down with the kids’—all gelled hair and “call me Jeff.” He’s also the reason our version of Romeo and Juliet is set in a Brooklyn ghetto and Juliet is leaning out of a trailer rather than a balcony.



You’re a wizard, Harry.


I had never realized how much I needed the attention of others to confirm my own presence.


I think you are wrong to want a heart. It makes most people unhappy. If you only knew it, you are in luck not to have a heart.


Eat a raw egg.

SOME FANTASTIC books for the kid-brain that lives in your adult brain.

Any I missed that YI missed that defined your childhood? Let me know!


Curated with love by Sam

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