Bala Cynwyd Running Club


4am Photography Class
Actual photographic evidence of myself and my dad awake pre-run at 4:50am. Photo credit: Katherine Burton

Meeting Time: 4:50am on Wednesdays; 6:30am on Saturdays

Where: Lloyd Hall or the mouth of Lincoln Drive

Who We Are: Unofficial father/ daughter running group

I THOUGHT my dad and his best buddy were absolutely insane to wake up around 3:47am(ish) and meet up around the 4:50am time slot to go running along the Schuylkill River Trail once a week. But now, I am one of those goons.

On any given Wednesday morning, at a time so early it shouldn’t exist, you’ll see me bleary-eyed and croaky-throated shuffling along with our little group of four in the pitch-black of early morning along the Schyulkill River.

IT’S EMPOWERING, running so early in the morning (though it doesn’t feel that way when you wake up, ha). By the time I’m back at my apartment, however, it’s 5:45am or bordering on 6am and the city is just now letting itself slowly wake up. (There’s something so sweet about a sleepy Philadelphia.) By 6:15am, I’ve showered, had  my recovery drink (chocolate milk) and am able to settle back into bed for a few more hours before waking up again for work.

I will say that if you’re someone who can’t wake up for a second time that day, don’t even bother going back to bed. Trust me. Sometimes I feel like I’m waking from the dead.

4am photography class2
This is what 4:50am crazy people runners look like

Our group, which we call the Bala Cynwyd Running Club, is not an official group. We don’t have a website or a presence on social media. We’re a group of four: myself, my dad, his best bud and a former runner’s daughter. Occasionally friends run with us, but for the past two years it’s mostly been just us four. We go by the motto “What’s said on the trail, stays on the trail” and we keep it that way. 🙂

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