#FREEZYCHEEKSPHL – December 2015

A MOST PHENOMENAL run in a blizzard and 50 mph winds during Winter Storm Jonas.

Would I recommend running a beer mile during a blizzard with inadequate winter shoes and the potential for making a poor life choice by getting sick in the cold all for the love of running, being social and the fun of playing in the snow?


That would be a resounding heck yes.

The #FREEZYCHEEKSPHL beer mile was quite literally the most fun I’ve ever had since moving into this beautiful city and confirmed yet again how supportive and inviting Run215 and the Philly running community as a whole is.

It begins like this: you hear it’s going to snow about 4 feet of snow during the weekend. You hear Run215 is planning a super secret run during the snow storm. You wake up on Saturday morning like a kid on Christmas (my birthday) and check Twitter for the super secret meeting spot (the Love statue at Dilworth Park). And awesomeness ensues.

BUT FIRST, what do you wear for a snowy run?

You dress for the temperature according to my dad’s and his best buddy, Andy’s system:

30 – 35 degrees: 3 layers on top (1 heavy top, 2 long sleeve); 2 pairs of tights

35 – 40 degrees: 2 layers on top (two long sleeve); 1 pair of tights

40 – 45 degrees: 2 layers on top (short sleeve, long sleeve); 1 pair of tights

The temp for the day was 35 degrees and would likely continue to fall. In the picture to the left below, I’m wearing my base layers: 2 pairs of tights and 2-long sleeved tech shirts. In the picture to the right, I’ve thrown over the 2 tech shirts a light running jacket from Philadelphia Runner that can stand temps that drop below 20 degrees. On top of that I’ve paired my white vest for extra warmth, a hat ’cause most of the heat of your body escapes from your head, my Lulu Lemon scarf (because ya gotta protect that throat) and my Marianas Trench sunglasses:

Getting out in the snow is the fun part, right? So as soon as the group was assembled by the Love Statue, we charged down the Parkway toward the Philadelphia Museum of Art and end at Eakins Oval. There, the beer mile commenced! For each lap around the oval you run, you had to chug a beer.

Livin’ it up at City Tap House after a successful snowy run

What made this pop-up run extra special was that as each runner completed the mile (and got slightly very inebriated), we all ran together toward City Tap House by Logan Circle. As we ran together toward more beer, CNN was reporting on Winter Storm Jonas and stopped to chat with and film our group of 70 runners.

After a wonderful meal and happy hour at City Tap House, it was time to head home back across the city before the winds picked up and got too outrageous.

After a few beers I get pretty lovey

I LUGGED my tired, exhausted muscles up the two flights of stairs to my apartment and decided that some delicious tea and takeout would be the perfect end to a perfect, snowy day (yes, this was second dinner. Yes, I’m a hobbit). I had been moving non-stop since 11am that morning and finally 12 hours later, after two full dinners, lots of iced tea, four (half-drunk) beers and one mile, it was definitely time to call it a night.

All in all, I give #FREEZYCHEEKSPHL 5/5 half-drunk beers:


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