#NightShiftPHL – Run215

WHEN YOU HEAR that Run215 is planning a #NIGHTSHIFTPHL, you pay attention to all Twitter updates like you’re waiting for a text from Bruno Mars.

Part of what makes #NIGHTSHIFTPHL so exciting is the little time you have to get ready and prepare for it. You scan Twitter or Facebook and once the details for the run are posted, you get ready and run to the meeting spot.

The meeting spot, Walnut-Broad Street Line Concourse

#NIGHTSHIFTPHL is a pop-up run sponsored by Run215, the running community here in Philly created by founder by Jon Lyons.

This particular run was scheduled for Monday, February 29 at 9pm. Oh you have work tomorrow? Me too. 😉

The meeting spot? The Walnut-Broad Street Line Concourse, down the stairs by the subway. Let me just tell you, if you’ve never been in a gathering of 100+ people all dressed in runner gear in a city concourse about to run for a mile underground, you don’t know what you’re missing. The questioning looks you get from passerby alone is worth showing up in and of itself.

The workout we did didn’t just involve the promised 3.5 mile run, but rather a cross-training aspect as well.

(What is cross-training? Cross-training is when a runner trains by doing other forms of exercise as well, be they soccer, swimming, etc.)

Meeting at the base of the Art Museum steps before taking off again

After 1 mile of running under the city alongside the subway system, we emerged up the stairs by City Hall for a guided workout provided by Suzanne Allaire of November Project Philadelphia. If you don’t know what November Project is, I highly recommend you check it out here.

We did various amounts of pushups, high kicks and burppees and then continued the run to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where we charged up the steps and back up and down several times.

Down to the Schuylkill River Trail we went next (voted one of the best urban running trails in the world country!) and ended for a sweet celebratory party at Raven Lounge hosted by Run215, Philadelphia Runner and Adidas. Watch an awesome video here of us finishing.night

These pop-up #NIGHTSHIFTPHL runs are part of what makes Run215 one of the most welcoming, positive and health-savvy organizations in the city. I mean, what else are you doing on a Monday night at 9pm if not going for a 3.5 run with 100+ of your closest runner friends?

BE SURE TO follow Run215‘s Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as Philadelphia Runner‘s Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay abreast of more awesome runs on short notice.

#NIGHTSHIFTPHL gets 5/5 light sabers from this satisfied runner:

light light light light light

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