Kevin Hart 5k – Summer 2015

THIS WAS QUITE the run. And it was deep in the heart of summer, too.

Myself and my dad before the run

A day before (or the day of?) his sold-out show at the Linc, Philadelphia’s Golden Boy Kevin Hart and Nike+ Run Club teamed up to host a free 5k run for all those who wanted to become “a better version of themselves.”

Beginning at exactly 8:04am on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kevin struts onto the stage to address 4,500 runners of all paces and abilities. The crowd is roaring.

Kevin amps up the crowd, delivering words of motivation that somehow speaks to each runner individually.

“When it comes to physical fitness and health I think that’s something that I’ve really adapted to and that’s something that I take seriously now,” he said. “We’re simply in the business of making people understand and grasp the concept of taking care of yourself. “

And so, with Kevin leading the pack, 4,500 runners  fly down  the parkway for 3 miles and circle back up the steps to high-five him at the end of the race.

One of aspects that made the run such a blast was that it had the feel of a relaxed atmosphere. I’ve waited for runs/ races to start where elite athletes are warming up with aggressive-looking stretches, nervous music is playing from the loudspeakers and people’s eyes are narrowed in focus, preparing for the run.

Myself and my friend Emily right before the run

This was nothing like that – people were doing line dances while waiting for the run to begin, talking excitedly with one another and even though the elite athletes were still stretching aggressively, the sun was shining!

The experience for me was inspirational. While the 5k was far from being my first (unofficial) race, I was moved by the amount of people present who claimed never to have run before. Kevin is to be commended for motivating runners and non-runners alike of Philadelphia to get up in the morning and move. He instilled a sense of pride, excitement and healthy mindfulness during his opening speech and remained to high-five everyone who ran.

More celebrities should get on board with this phenomenon and if you have the opportunity to participate in one of these runs, I highly recommend it.

Overall, I give this run 5/5 Winged Hermes Shoes:



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