Thoughts on One’s Own Voice

I SEEM TO BEGIN these pages with a related vulnerability. Well here’s one about writing: the fire of my creative voice, the one that can be translated to paper or ink had seemingly long since lost its words.


It seems the fire that fueled my artistic visions had been quenched by the ocean of my vocal outlet, on which sails gigs I perform with my band and the church job I’ve held since high school.

But I feel that fire, that creative-word fire kindling again and my fingers are itching with anticipation over my keyboard. I’m anxious for an outpouring and in awe of what’s to come at the same time.

The muse that guards my typewriter

I don’t know about others who write, but there’s something otherworldly about being glued to the computer screen, unable to leave a piece alone until every word is as you mean it to be. That magnetism astounds me.

While my middle school friends flirted and danced, I wrote, typed and felt the heat from the fire-starters warm my fingers with the glow and excitement of a new story. With these tabs (Authors I Love, Best ListsBook Reviews, and Creative Writing & Stories) I hope to fill that void and in doing so reclaim and rediscover my voice. On paper, that is.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog through Run215. I wanted to share something that I thought you might like: I see that you mention vulnerability in several places on your blog and was wondering if you had read Brenee Brown’s books and seen her TED talk on vulnerability. If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth checking out. I stumbled upon her TED talk a few years ago and have been reading her books ever since. Love the blog and it’s so great to see someone write about so many varied interests.

    Have a good one!


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