I FEEL RESTRICTED by the enormity of words that came before me and by the infinite amount of words that are sure to follow.


The expanse of humanity’s thoughts, prayers and conversations personified on social media humble me and give me this feeling of restriction, as if anything I were to contribute into the universe would be submitted into the expanse of published words and then forgotten, shut away in a corner of the internet.


So, with my vulnerability shining on the first page of this blog, why don’t I see where this goes, anyway?

I should also point out that while I gave this blog a name (a lengthy process in and of itself), I don’t entirely have a handle on what will be discussed here – though that’s the fun part, right? Let’s figure that out together.

I’ll give you an idea of what to expect from this blog:

  • Anecdotes and meditations on running
  • Actual meditations and thoughts on mindfulness and of being fully present in the present
  • Musings on music, songs and recordings
  • Book talk, creative writing, fiction, classic literature, cafes

I don’t know what this is but I’m intrigued by the paths this blog will take and of figuring it out along the way. Ready to dive in?

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